Business and Inspiration Coaching

Be curious about what you are capable of!

I support you to get more clarity in your respective topic, as well as to visualise and make use of your own strengths and resources.

How does it feel to be more yourself? set the right course? push boundaries? get out of your comfort zone?

Coaching with
your topics

Coaching supports you to recognise what matters to you more clearly and to be more yourself.

I’m excited to meet you!


My name is
Johanna Maria Petermann.

I’m Business & Inspiration Coach with HEART

For me, a coaching dialogue is kind of a journey during which I am allowed to accompany the coachee along some of the way.

It’s a great gift for me as soon as the coachee opens up trustingly and thus gives me the chance to really look into the details. On the other hand, it is a gift for the coachee to have made the decision to open up, to question and to allow him/herself to look into his/her preferred future.




The best time is NOW, I look forward to meeting YOU.

+49 176 2472 1851

Uhlandstraße 14
72657 Altenriet

I look forward to meeting you in person in the wonderful ambience of the Coaching Atelier.

All personal coaching sessions take place in accordance with the general rules and precautions due to COVID-19 (social distancing, wearing a mask, hygiene rules). The coaching studio (40 m²) offers sufficient space. I ensure a high level of protection against infection through frequent ventilation and disinfection of the work equipment. So that we can all remain healthy together, but still make progress professionally and personally. 

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