Coaching in a Business Context

In business coaching, we focus on professional, often process-oriented topics. I accompany individuals or teams individually in their professional and personal development, without prescribing goals or solutions.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching in a business context can either be integrated into a team development or detached from a team and focused on specific employees, often managers.

Team Coaching

The aim is to define and strengthen the "common vision" in order to develop an optimal goal orientation through a perfect interaction of the team members.

In business coaching the focus is on

It is thus a highly efficient tool for leadership development to

Executive Coaching

If executive coaching is initiated by the company, I accompany and support the executives in reflecting more intensively on questions of everyday professional life (leadership, communication, cooperation) within the framework of the coaching dialogue.

The goals of these discussions range from the assessment and development of personal competencies and perspectives to suggestions for self-reflection and the resolution and overcoming of conflicts with employees, colleagues or superiors. The motivation and support of one's own team members should be intensified in order to encourage one's own team to perform at its best.

The will for further development is there, but often the suitable discussion partner is missing, the neutral person at eye level who challenges the manager as a sparring partner and thus enables a critical discussion of the daily issues.

Team Coaching

Each team coaching session is individually tailored to the company setting, the team and the respective situation. I use different methods to support the team in reflecting on issues and situations, opening up new perspectives and working on the future in a solution-oriented way in order to make the team more homogeneous and efficient and thus the company more successful.

This works best if team members trust each other, can deal with each other constructively, work in a committing way, show responsibility and focus on results.

Team Coaching as a project

Cooperation in a business context is usually designed for a longer period of time and is individually coordinated with your company. For example, the project consists of several phases with different modules to achieve sustainable further development. In the methodology, I use a module combination of shadowing - individual coaching - workshop. This is supported by constant feedback between your company and me, together we define the focus of the next development phase.



A qualitative method that has not been widely used so far, in which an observer, i.e. the coach, accompanies a team or a person like a "shadow" or is present at the meeting. The main principle of shadowing is to disturb the team members as little as possible in order to achieve the most natural behaviour possible. Accordingly, the coach gains a good impression of the context, communication and interaction within the team.

High Performance Team – Coaching Workshop

What really makes a perfectly functioning team? Based on the „5 dysfunctionalities of a team“ according to Patrick Lencioni, we work out the pyramid of teamwork in 5 phases, learn to overcome them and to see this team as the focus team, i.e. the most important team. These are crucial milestones to become more homogeneous, more efficient and thus more successful.


Focus on own goals/own team

Core Functions

Focus team in the spotlight

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